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Case Study

Transforming the Oil and Gas Merger through Strategic Marketing and PR

The Problem

A 15M oil and gas merger that served multiple industries. Ensuring seamless communication and understanding of the merger's benefits among stakeholders, including employees, customers, and partners. Create and launch new corporate messaging and assets that capture and grow market share across the product profiles. Build strategic alliances and partnerships with key industry thought leaders to enhance corporate image through co-marketing efforts.

The Solutions

To overcome these challenges, a well-structured communication plan was developed, emphasizing the merger's benefits and outlining the strategies for internal and external stakeholders. This included clear messaging, FAQs, and regular updates to keep everyone informed. 

Strategic alliances and partnerships were formed with corporations like Cummins, Chart Industries, and Oilfield Helping Hands, creating opportunities for co-marketing efforts, which included joint campaigns, co-sponsored events, and cross-promotion. A dedicated team was assigned to manage all aspects of the conferences and events, from strategic planning and promotion to on-site coordination. This allowed for a seamless execution of four separate events in multiple states within the tight 60-day timeframe.

The Results

The implementation of this multifaceted strategy yielded several impressive results. Stakeholders were well-informed and supportive of the merger, leading to a smooth transition and alignment of objectives among employees, customers, and partners. The strategic alliances and partnerships with key corporations significantly enhanced brand recognition and reputation, broadening its reach and influence in the industry. All four events, including trade shows and the ribbon-cutting ceremony, were executed flawlessly, enhancing the brand's visibility and attracting potential customers and partners. Two competitors CEO’s, personally called the President of the new firm to ask ‘where did you come from and how come I’m hearing about you in this space.’
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