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Third Man Agency Addie Girouard

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Integrity. Ingenuity. Synergy.

Third Man Agency Addie Girouard

At Third Man Agency, we serve as your trusted partner in the journey to navigate complexity and build clarity, empowering your organization to thrive in today's ever-changing world. With a strong emphasis on strategic communications, facilitation, executive coaching, change management, and the execution of marketing communications, we offer a holistic approach to simplifying the way forward in any situation.

Organizations struggling with connectivity benefit from a fresh perspective. Having a Third Man can make the difference. Not only in finding the disconnect, but more importantly in creating solutions. In a complex and fast moving world, Third Man Agency connects your business.

Addie Girouard, Principal

With nearly two decades of professional experience, Addie thrives in fast-paced global environments. Her profile showcases four distinctive patterns that underpin her success:

An Innovative and Synergistic Approach:
At the core of her professional philosophy lies a dedication to innovation and synergy. She is committed to promoting collaboration and simplifying complexity through the creation of compelling narratives. By crafting stories that deeply resonate with diverse audiences, she consistently delivers tangible and remarkable results.

Demystifying Technical Concepts:

Driven by a passion for making technical concepts relevant and accessible, she excels at demystifying intricacies for broad audiences. Her unique talent lies in translating complex ideas into easily digestible information, ensuring that everyone can grasp the essence of even the most intricate subjects.

A Talent Cultivator and Visionary Operator:
Identifying and nurturing top talent within cross-functional teams is a cherished strength. Her visionary perspective, combined with a hands-on operator's mindset, enables her to swiftly identify value and effectively address barriers and risks. She relishes the opportunity to empower business leaders to unlock the full potential of their teams and to achieve their next business goals.

A Dynamic Speaker and Spokesperson:
Beyond her strategic acumen, she is a dynamic speaker and spokesperson. She engages audiences with powerful messages that leave a lasting impact. Whether presenting to a boardroom of executives or addressing a crowd at a conference, she adeptly conveys ideas with clarity and passion not easily forgotten.

Third Man Agency Addie Girouard
Third Man Agency Addie Girouard

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