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Case Study

Supercharging Non-Profit Marketing with Automation and Compelling Narratives

The Problem

A non-profit organization faced various marketing and communication challenges. Resource constraints and the lack of a comprehensive marketing strategy hindered the organization's outreach efforts. Manual marketing processes made it difficult to maintain consistent and personalized communication across different channels. Inconsistent audience engagement hampered the growth of a loyal supporter base to boost fundraising and revenue to support its mission effectively.

The Solutions

To tackle these issues, the organization implemented Hubspot, a marketing automation platform, and executed an integrated marketing communications (MarCom) strategy. It streamlined marketing, including email campaigns, social media management, and data analytics, providing an efficient tool for campaign management. Due to the manual burden being lifted, more time was spent on the communication strategy and narrative creation. New channels were selected for broader reaching campaigns including Meta, YouTube, and in-person events.

The Results

The adoption of Hubspot and the execution of the integrated MarCom strategy yielded substantial improvements, including a remarkable 365% increase in its customer/audience base. The integrated MarCom strategy effectively attracted new supporters and engaged the existing audience. With the expanded reach, increased engagement, and effective fundraising campaigns, the non-profit experienced a 7% boost in revenue. The improved marketing efforts led to increased donations and support for the organization's cause.
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