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Case Study

Navigating a Digital Transformation Journey

The Problem

A pharmaceutical company undertook the challenge of a comprehensive digital transformation initiative. The digital transformation initiatives spanned multiple teams, representing a total of 22 individuals across the organization, each with different responsibilities, perspectives, and objectives.Tens of thousands of siloed teams across the global company were needed to understand and participate to capture the value of the initiative. Ensuring that key stakeholders were aligned with the value proposition of the digital transformation, language and timezone barriers added to the challenge. Building engagement and advocacy for the digital transformation initiative across internal and external stakeholders was critical for its success. Addressing knowledge gaps between cross-functional teams and ensuring thousands of stakeholders had the necessary information and training for the digital transformation initiative.

The Solutions

To address these challenges, a strategic communication plan was developed to ensure consistent messaging and unify communication efforts across the organization. This plan was pivotal in building engagement and advocacy for the digital transformation initiative. Change management principles were employed to facilitate alignment among cross-functional teams. Key leaders were provided with coaching in support of their role guiding large business units to adopt the changes. It ensured they were well-prepared to lead the digital transformation effort effectively.

The Results

The implementation of these strategies and tactics led to the significant results of capturing the revenue goal of $350 million. The global communication strategy resulted in a 20% increase in overall engagement across internal and external stakeholders, fostering advocacy for the digital transformation. Stronger partnerships were built between cross-functioning teams, bridging knowledge gaps and reaching over 5,000 stakeholders through training, shared learnings, and collaborative sessions, fostering confidence in the initiative.
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